Architectural perspectives of iconic London landmarks.



Dance photography by former Matthew Bourne’s Swan Lake dancer.

May 9, 2017

From 22nd June until 2nd August

Discipline: Photography

By: David Gutierrez

David Gutierrez is a London based self taught photographer, originally from Bilbao. David Gutierrez propose to the viewer a portrait of the city at twilight through painterly colours and the unexpected perspectives. He was inspired and learnt the basic skills from his father who was a keen mountaineer and amateur photographer. In 2007 he started shooting in digital format. His futuristic images have been published in several magazines and websites around the world.


April 3, 2017

From May 05th until 21st June

Discipline: Painting

By: Sai Alexander Miller

SAI MILLER is the epitome of a London resident; born and bred surrounded by the abstract paintings deeply enriched in the culture of the capital, 

he has always been fascinated by art in its various forms. The influence of this lustrous city has evoked an exceptional panoramic approach to creativity and self-expression. 

His works are inspired by and reflect the depth of his internalised thoughts, feelings, moments and experiences.


December 15, 2016

From January 6th until 26th

Discipline: Photography

By: Marina Emms

A once in a lifetime trip to Asia, from Beijing to Singapore inspired by people and cultures. This exhibition portrays things seen, people met and moments collected to give the viewer a sense of these distant places. For me, travel photography is a means of discovering a place that is so different and realising how similar it actually is. I hope these pictures will inspire you. 

About the artist:

Aspiring photographer and an avid traveler, Marina is a French teacher in London. Inspired by people and cultures, she has traveled to various countries around the world. 


November 3, 2016

From November 25th until December 23rd

Discipline: Photography

By: Cody Choi

Dance photography by former Matthew Bourne’s Swan Lake dancer. 

As a professional dancer and choreographer he has a unique insight into the world of performing arts. Cody’s images instantly transport the viewer into the zero gravity world of dancers who constantly push the boundaries of what the human body is capable of."

About the artist:

“Follow not only the movement but breathe with the dancers” is Cody’s approach to his dance photography.

Cody’s dance photography journey started as he toured and danced around the world with Matthew Bourne’s Swan Lake for 3 years. Capturing different places, theatres and fellow dancers whom he went on the road with filled his days.

As an exp...

August 20, 2016

From August 26th until September 23th 

Discipline: Photography

By: Arsenio M Navarra

Michelangelo Buonarroti claimed that when he looked at a marble block he already saw the form of the art work, his job was simply to remove the superfluous. With this in mind, each block has a figure inside, and only its soul must be liberated. The statues have their specific form, their body shape, dictated by the sculptor or, as Michelangelo said, dictated by themselves. They are static and soft at the same time. With “Static Intimacy” I want to see beyond the marble wall that covers them. Going inside and deep, to find the soul that Michelangelo could feel. After having carved the stone and after that it is free from the superfluous, the figure begins breathin...

August 2, 2016

From August 6th until August 25th 

Discipline: Photography

By: Alex Jenkinson

Alex has come to realise that experimental, creative and artistic photography is such a powerful drive in his life and holds such endless possibility; that creating and exhibiting work that inspires, educates, and provokes thought to the viewer, is a path which he passionately wishes to pursue.

He has been a professional chef since a young age, and is now translating that discipline and skill-set into creativity of a different kind. As well as composing interesting and visually pleasing series’ of images, he is looking to illustrate global, social and ecological issues through the power of photography, illuminating some of the concerns which we face as a society....

July 2, 2016

2nd of July

Gianluca's first Art Gallery

Emerging London artist, Ian Casimir, presents his debut exhibition. His work combines passion, flare and high quality photography, capturing hidden architectural beauty in everyday surroundings. his interest in photography and architecture has developed over the last 5 years and has dedicated many hours to enhancing his talent. He has subsequently been able to develop his own unique style of architectural photography.


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Exhibiting at Gianluca's Coffee Cult Art Gallery


Gianluca's Coffee Cult Art Gallery is an exhibition platform offering emerging and established artists the opportunity to showcase their work in a cafe art gallery located in a vibrant and dynamic area of London. The gallery is open to both international and UK based artists from a wide range of artistic backgrounds.

If you are interested in taking part, email us at with few words about yourself and your art plus three images of your work.

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