A Journey Across Continents

March 14, 2017



From March 25th until May 05th


Discipline: Photography


By: Scott Ralph


Scott, of ScottRalphstudio.com, was born in NYC, to Swedish and Italian parents.  He became a world traveller at a very young age thanks to his parents, taking his first flight at the age of 6 weeks old.


Having lived part time in several countries, his family moved permanently to London when he was 12. Throughout his life, he has always kept his innate love of exploring the world including its different cultures and languages which reflects a lot in his photographic work.


For the past 10 years, Scott has been successfully photographing for a very varied client base worldwide and his main goal now is continuing his commissioned photographic trips across all seven continents to photograph exotic landscapes, people and wildlife for various publications, whilst at home doing shoots where and when he can in London and throughout the UK. 


His most recent notable works include: a book on Africa, a commissioned expedition trip to Antarctica in 2014, his Droplets of London Series and a yoga book aimed at helping cancer patients, coming out this year.


Scott sees his future one day going back to his roots and using good old fashioned film and a dark room creating “one of a kind works of art”. Scott absorbs the world around him and all that it has to offer and is therefore is still learning and growing every day. 


"Photography is truth and fantasy. It is the art of loving and feeling what you do. The camera in this is irrelevant; it is having the true ability to photograph the beauty in what you see. When you photograph your passions in life you see very clearly".






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